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Rules and Guidelines

posted Nov 22, 2011 00:33:21 by 9DARKRAI9
The Rules and Guidelines

Please read the following. Failure to do so may result in a suspension.
Also, check back regularly; the rules may be updated without announcement.

This site is PG-13. This means no excessive cursing. No flaming either. Cursing every now and then is acceptable, if done in light moderation, since we can understand needing to curse every now and then.

If a thread is not PG-13 (Something rated 14-16 in age acceptance), state that in the title of the thread. If the thread is PG-13, but there's a post or posts that are above PG-13, use hide tags while stating the reason as the new rating. This applies for mature FFs for the most part.
ALL 18+ content (Anything marked as MATURE) MUST be placed in the Mature Forums. If you're not old enough to view the Mature Forums, you shouldn't be posting 18+(or any mature)content anyway.

Note: Anything with "(Mature)" or "Mature" in the title will either get deleted or moved. USE THE MATURE FORUM for those threads!

When you register, you will be asked for your date of birth. This is not shown to anyone, and is used by the system to provide content adapted to your age. Providing incorrect information is, quite frankly, pointless. You don't gain anything by saying you were born 110 years ago, and giving a date of birth so outrageous that the system can't even save it means you'll lose out on any birthday events we may decide to add in future...

Also, if you are caught with an obviously fake Birthday, you will get banned until you contact support to have it fixed.

Spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages)is not wanted in this forum. This can range from being off topic, to posting something short and not worth the time to read. See what it is here

Try to avoid overusing different colours. People may be using a different Skin to you and won't be able to read your text. You can, however, change the background colour of your post (see thread on this in Announcements Forum) to ensure your chosen colour will be readable.

We don’t allow chatspeak (Aka: l33t or TXT chat.) on this forum. If you want to say something, type out the word. Some common things such as LOL, WTF, or OMG are allowed.

You should (at least try to) have a basic knowledge of spelling and grammar. A few typos are okay, but try to avoid having a post full of them. We are aware that not everyone speaks English, but if you use a translator, try translating the result back into your language to see if it still makes some sense.

The first post of a thread needs to give the readers a good idea of what the conversation will be about. A paragraph of about four or five sentences is the advised minimum, but more is usually better with this rule. In any case, just a sentence or two is too short to give a good idea of any thread’s topic.

No pornographic links or pictures (except in the Mature forum with an appropriate warning). All pictures should not be wider than 600px, and should not be taller than 400px. For bigger pictures, use a link. Offensive pictures will be removed and the poster dealt with.

You may not multi-post unless it's been a day since the last post. In that case, double posting is allowed. It is called a BUMP, which stands for Bring Up My Post. The only two places that you can freely multi-post is in your Extended log and your own FF.

These can only be multi-posted in when getting set up: FanArt. After the set up, it must be a day before double-posting.

If a thread is more than a month old, it will be closed. Posting in such an old thread without good reason will result in a warning. There should be no reason to BUMP a month-old thread.

A suspension is directed at an individual and is like a timeout. It’s up to the user to deal with the ban, not their friends, so do not ask us about another user's suspension. Most of them are temporary anyway - very few users have earned a perma-ban.

Be respectful and nice to other members, even if they don't respect your personal clicking policies. Do not flame or blacklist members. If you see this going on, please report it to a staff member.

Mini-moding is also a form of disrespecting, not just to members, but to the staff as well. It basically is how a user says "The staff can't do this job, so I'll do it for them and make things worse on them later when they do get to deal with it"
Please don't do this.

Please do not advertise on Squishables.

Exceptions: Some other advertising is allowed, only when it has a real point. This includes on-site advertising. Any advertising that does not serve a useful purpose where it is posted will get deleted.

Avoid spoiling publicly.
It's okay to give information on aspects of the game provided that those who do not necessarily wish to see such spoilers are given that right. Note that this means don't spoil anything in other posts. All spoilers should have appropriate warnings.

Every member is allowed ONE account.
At present there is no multi-account scanner. However when it is added (eventually), you will be given instructions and plenty of time to follow them.

On the forums, there is a Journal section. The point is to make an extended Journal or Blog. You can do anything (within the rules) in your Journal thread. If you are found with more than one, the most recent will be closed.

Accounts may only be controlled by their owners. While this includes not logging into someone else's account, it is mostly meant to prohibit the use of bots of macros (This includes Auto-refreshers as well.). Basically anything that takes the control away from the player, or that causes unreasonable load on the server.
(NOTE: Please read the separate post below for extra info)

Post your pets and Squishables far and wide. Spread them across the Internet, and gather clickers from all over the place!
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9DARKRAI9 said Nov 22, 2011 00:45:21
I forgot to mention this, please do not post/make threads in the RULES/ANNOUNCEMENTS area. Thank You^^
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Kitty Cat~ Meow
I hope you all like the site! Feel free to send me an E-Mail/Comment/and Ask Questions!!^^
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